trends on the web

I found this awesome website that basically lays out the trends of the web in 2011. It explains things such as the traditional fold. Which is something that we discussed in class. It tells us that the fold no longer exists because people are using may different platforms to view websites. There are even now websites that are specifically designed to be viewed via mobile devices. Some other things that the writer suggested were becoming a new hit were; typography, applications, grids ( breaking the grid), images ( huge), css3, texture ! , info graphic, single page, 3d, and social media convergence. With all of these new technologies that are being developed everyday the web is changing drastically. We cant sit down and decide o this is what is going to happen in the near future with the web and thats just how it will be period end of discusion. Because in fact, the web is changing as we speak. New things are coming and old things are being altered and coming back and are better than ever. This is the world of design.


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