When thinking about using the web let alone just the computer if i had a disability , it would be so difficult. I am not even sure how i would handle that. I have a friend who is paralyzed from the waist down and his hands are paralyzed too however he gets a family member to tape pencils to his hands and he types using pencils. It is not the ideal way of typing or something anyone who isn’t disabled would type but for him it is all that he has and it works for him. When thinking about things like vision. This becomes tricky because all that do on the web is see everything is based off of how we see and what we see to allow us to know what is going on in the world. However there are particular websites now that will read to you what is being portrayed on the site.

Through researching this idea of disability and the web i came across some interesting things. I found this website that pretty much laid out avariety of scenarios and how poeple this those disbailities cope with it . On this website they gave examples like: an online shopper with color blindness, or a reporter with repetitive stress injury, or and online student who is deaf, and many more. Some ways that they coped with this would be by: control keys on the keyboard, captured audio portions, and user control of style sheets.

This idea of disabilities can becomes a hardship but being aware of them as designers can be a great thing . Knowing that everyone of every ability is potentially your client for a particular website means that you not only have to design and develop a website that will work for the seeing and the mobile but also for the people who cant see or are immobile.


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