Web Design 2 : #1

Through reading these few chapters the thing that stuck out the most to me was how beneficial CSS is to a web designer. CSS is a standard layout language for the web. Some things that are beneficial about it would be that it conserves bandwidth which in return saves the site owner money. Another thing that makes it beneficial would be how it reduces the design and development time . Through saving the time and money for a designer  this will allow for more efficient website. Another factor that plays into how CSS is helpful would be how it reduces updating time and maintenance time. Two final things would be how it increases its accessibility and it allows for the designer and site owner to be relieved to know that clients will have a more difficult time breaking the site.

The second beneficial thing that i found out of the readings for this week would be how HTML is the markup to stick with. The book gives us five reasons to stick with HTML. These reasons include : It works better in all browsers, it is more forgiving of errors, and it does not require as many formal closing elements.

The website below is an example of how CSS is beneficial to web designers:


Overall throughout my reading of these few chapters i have come to realize that even as a beginning web designer i should become very comfortable with CSS and HTML as a whole because all in all they will help me get through projects easier and more efficiently.


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