Web Design 2 #3 Chapter 15 and 16

For this blog i am going to solely focus on Chapter 16 which discusses redoing a website. This really interested me because I love the idea of fixing things such as a out of date website or a poorly designed website. As a beginning web designer i feel this is a great thing to start with because you have the content you need all you have to do is figure out a better solution and an overall solution to the problem of the original website. All in all it is just problem solving .  I found an excellent video for this. The video is sort of long but the idea behind it is where to start. It tells you to get an overall look and feel for your website by doing these three steps : 1. Define it in words first2. Use visual metaphors
3. Know the history & the rules of design. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8QQ_WMX2x8&list=SL&feature=sh_e_se In other words the three steps are telling you to know design and know it well . Know how to describe what you are trying to do , use metaphor to help get your idea across visually, and know the rules of design. You can not expect to design a website and not know the basics. Being in web design two this should be fairly familiar. However i was just using this video as something to catch people up. Another helpful link that i found was http://www.universitybusiness.com/article/10-tips-successful-website-redesign This also gives you steps to a successful website redesign. Those 1o steps are : Define strategic goals, do your homework, don’t forget ADA and web standards, Put on your project manager hat, spend quality time with your content, invite feedback, don’t forget to test , Get a CMS when you redesign, Embrace incremental redesign, and don’t worry. This is basically telling us to know what you are design and know it well. If you are redesigning a housing companies website know how they talk , and know what they mean when they use logistics. That link is pretty straight forward so i wont reiterate it all. All in All you need to know your content well when you choose to redesign.


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