Good & Bad Web Designs

Through going through the dos and dont’s of websites, top ten guidelines for homepage usability, where am i , and home page design i have developed a list of the good versus the bad features and they are as follows;


  • page lengths are necessary and not too long
  • everything relates well
  • everything has been proofread
  • type is easy to read
  • type is not one block but rather several paragraphs ( not too many paragraphs)
  • images are an appropriate size


  • too many animations
  • too much text
  • unreadable text
  • nothing on the page relates or makes sense
  • grammatical errors
  • everything is in capital letters or bolded
These lists could go on for miles but these are just some major ones that i noticed through looking through websites and also through reading the passages that were given to help us better understand the good versus the bad of web design.

Here are two great designs:

The reason that these are great would be because they are creative, easy to read, and easy to use. Everything you need to know is right in front of you and easily accessible. They don’t have too much text or unreadable text and they don’t have anything i feel that is unnecessary about there website. Overall these would be two great web design ideas.


Here are two horrible designs: 

The reason that these are horrible would be because the overall look and feel of these designs are horrible and hard to read. They are not somewhat usable but so difficult to maneuver through and not easy to understand why they put what where . There are broken links on some of the pages and random text that makes no sense. I feel that these two websites give you a sense of i don’t care what i am selling or trying to portray which overall makes them a bad design.


Overall you can see what i mean by good versus bad . 


Writing for the Web ( Extra Credit)

Web writing isn’t just how you code the page it ties together a lot of different design aspects. Chapter 5 covers a good chunk of this information which i feel is very handy and helps you understand what truly must go into web design and writing code. Some examples of things that they said would be publishing, journalism, and creative writing. Another good point that this chapter brought up is the fact that reading off the web is more difficult than reading off the page. This is why writing for the web and designing for the web is so important because you want something that the viewer will be able to engage in and continue to look through without them having trouble paying attention or focusing on what you are trying to accomplish.  I found a video that ties pretty much all of this in . Hope you like it!



usable sites

I have selected two websites that i feel go along well with what we read in the usable sites pdf. You can easily find information, you can easily get back to the home page or get to a different link, and you don’t have to click through too many pages. The two websites that i have posted have structure. With Etsy the information is in a panel on the left side and is listed alphabetically which makes it easy for the user to find what they are looking for on the fly! With these two websites i feel they did their research on what works and what doesn’t work. I also listed two links to two websites that have absolutely no thought put into them and are horrible as for design and usability.

usable websites: